Tafraout is located some 130km south of Agadir by Ait Baha and about 100 km east of Tiznit. This mountainous region is well known for its pink granite rocks that surround small valleys of date palms, argan trees, almond trees and so on. In Tafraut, few people are engaged in agriculture as most of the tafrawis trade in the big cities of the Kingdom or even abroad.

Tafraout enjoys a unique geographical location giving it proximity to all villages in the region. This advantage allows visitors to Tafraout to make excursions or walks to a village group every day. Among these directions we quote:

The village of Aguerd Oudad, known for its high and sloping rock, the Napoléon Hat, is in the middle of many curiosities including the rocks painted in Aoumerkt, colored by the Belgian artist Verame in 1984, is one of the emblems of the region.

The valley of Ameln alone is a group of villages all at the foot of Djebel Lkest including Oumesnate, Tandilte, Tazoulte, Dimlalen, Ighalen, Asgaour, Asguine, tamaloukte, tagdichte (top of Lkest), Anil, Anammer (blue source) , Aguelz, Azrou ouadou etc.